MODERN SITE: The upgraded east Warwick power substation has been completed.
MODERN SITE: The upgraded east Warwick power substation has been completed.

$33 million upgrade done at east Warwick

WARWICK'S power supply is now more resilient and safer thanks to a multi-million dollar overhaul of the east Warwick power substation.

The finished works at the substation completes 21/2 years of construction, bringing to a end a 10-year program to provide the Southern Downs community with a modern, safe and reliable power supply.

Minister for Energy Mark Bailey said the $33 million East Warwick substation project to replace the original substation meant the entire backbone of Ergon Energy's network supplying the region had been upgraded in the past decade.

"The original East Warwick substation had served the community well since 1954, but a modern replacement was needed to meet the future requirements of residents and businesses," he said.

"The substation, at the intersection of Percy and East sts, supplies power to about 5000 customers in the town and in rural areas to the east of Warwick.

"The project generated more than 40,000 hours of labour work for local tradies and contractors during the 21/2 year construction."

Mr Bailey said 10 years ago, the Warwick region was one of the worst-performing parts of Ergon's network.

"Customers experienced an unacceptable number of power supply interruptions during severe storm seasons," he said.

Addressing whether the new substation would mean an end to blackouts during storm season, Ergon Energy corporate communications manager - southern Rod Rehbein said there was no such thing as a storm-proof power network.

"You could never say we'll never have a total blackout



again," he said.

"But the infrastructure is superior to what to we had.

"The lines are now stronger and able to withstand more."

Mr Rehbein said the benefits to the community were clear.

"If someone wants to set up a business in the Southern Downs, they can have complete confidence in the reliability and capacity of the power in the region," he said.