Hockey promises to simplify tax returns, adding app support

TAXPAYERS could soon have an easier job of filling out their annual returns for Canberra, with Treasurer Joe Hockey promising to simplify the process on Sunday.

A statement from Mr Hockey's office pledged the government would allow taxpayers to lodge their returns through smartphones and tablets using a pre-filled automatic return.

Mr Hockey said the change would come into effect from July 1 this year, allowing those with simple tax affairs an easier way to fill out the paperwork for this fiscal year.

He said a new "MyTax" website would cut down the time required to fill out the lengthy forms, and "millions" of taxpayers would only need to review the pre-filled information before lodging.

"The tax office will pre-fill tax returns with information provided by other organisations such as banks and employers," he said.

"MyTax will have some key differences to the current service.

"It is fully online rather than requiring a software download and installation, it is a more contemporary design, it is available on mobile devices and it automatically pre-fills information."

The new arrangements will not be available to those running businesses, landlords or those involved in trusts or partnerships or foreign income.