National strategy for diabetes light on funding

A NEW national strategy to tackle diabetes has come with no new funds. Instead it is focussed on directing health resources "to where they are needed most".

Health Minister Sussan Ley released the strategy yesterday.

She said it would focus on prevention and early diagnosis of the chronic disease.

"Diabetes-related complications include heart attack, stroke, amputation, blindness, kidney failure, depression and nerve disease but in many cases the disease is preventable," Ms Ley said.

"For this reason the em-phasis of the strategy is on prevention, early diagnosis, intervention, management and treatment, centred on the role of primary care."

While it outlined principles to guide how funds should be spent, it came with no new funding.

The plan also notes that "further work is required to develop policy options" to put the strategy in place.

Labor's health spokes-woman Catherine King said the strategy was "little beyond rebadging" Labor initiatives put in place before 2013.