IN NEED: UQ Gatton have a number of cats up for adoption for $50.
IN NEED: UQ Gatton have a number of cats up for adoption for $50.

ADOPT: Seven UQ Gatton cats searching for a loving home

A NUMBER of cuddly cats at the UQ Clinical Studies Centre are in search of a new home, and are available for adoption for only $50.

Some of these friendly felines have already found new families, but others are still waiting.

Check out the seven still available for adoption in the gallery below.





Name: Spicey

Gender: male

DOB: 14/10/17

Bio: This inquisitive cat is a gentle, cat-social and people-friendly fellow, who is presently living happily with four other cats at the centre.



Name: Cheddar

Gender: male

DOB: 01/01/19

Bio: Cheddar is as friendly with other cats as he is with cameras, being more than happy to strike a pose and photobomb other cat's snaps.



Name: Pecorino

Gender: male

DOB: 01/01/19

Bio: Brother of Cheddar, Pecorino is very social with other cats, with a laid-back, gentle personality.



Name: Cabernet

Gender: female

DOB: 23/05/19

Bio: Though black cats have a reputation for being bad luck, Cabernet is just a little sweetheart in search of somewhere to call home.

She is quiet, gentle and gets along well with the four other cats she currently lives with.



Name: Karmann

Gender: female

DOB: 25/04/18

Bio: This fluffy feline is presently living with four completely different cats, and ruling the room.

She would happily go to a new home with her sister Lada, or her friend Jazz, or move in with another friendly cat.



Name: Lada

Gender: female

DOB: 25/04/18

Bio: A shy, retiring little girl who has a small heart murmur.

She would be well-suited to living alone, but would also happily settle into a new home alongside her sister Karmann, or friend Jazz.



Name: Jazz

Gender: female

DOB: 19/11/17

Bio: This lovely cat takes a while to settle and startles easily, but can be incredibly affectionate once she's comfortable with someone.

She can be adopted alone, but also gets along well with Karmann and Lada.


The centre has several other dogs and cats available as well at different prices. Find out more by visiting