WORLDLY WISE: Meet author Estelle McCrohan at Ipswich City Library and hear about her travel adventures.
WORLDLY WISE: Meet author Estelle McCrohan at Ipswich City Library and hear about her travel adventures.

Adventures on high seas will come to life

LIBRARIES are not just places that are full of books in this modern world.

They are much more than that. Today, libraries are places for self-education, online learning, keeping up with world events from newspapers from around the world and attending events that are centred on literary pursuits.

The Ipswich Library is very active in its endeavours and has been for many years now.

In fact, visitor numbers are very high and increasing each year. The staff at Ipswich Library is always very helpful and pleasant to deal with, so it is no wonder numbers of people attending keep increasing.

Looking at the library web page, you discover how many activities and events are available, mostly free of charge. There is story telling for children, online programs, book launches and author talks all available for those interested.

Later this month, Estelle McCrohan, author, storyteller, teacher and artist will give an author's talk about her life challenges and travel adventures.

McCrohan gives of her time through U3A Ipswich, to enable people to write their own life story and create finished work. Seniors start to think about how they will leave their family their life story. She recognised this and developed her program to help people do just that.

She is an experienced writer who has written extensively about some of her life challenges and travels on a small sailing boat around the Whitsundays.

She brings to life the complexities of learning to sail and the struggles of sailing in unfamiliar waters. Her writing puts the reader on the boat, giving the impression you are the person facing such experiences.

McCrohan is an experienced author. She has written self-paced courses for adults on many subjects. She has had articles published in lifestyle magazines as well as writing many books herself.

She is a warm, empathic presenter whose workshops inspire and encourage. Certainly, her classes at U3A do just that.

Her classes at U3A discuss the process of writing about one's own life.

But they do more than that, as the information and exercises she includes in the class help in writing on a variety of subjects.

Her published quick guide helps answer all the questions about writing and leads you from beginning to end. It helps avoid traps and find satisfaction in completing the final printed work.

Meet McCrohan at Ipswich City Library and hear about her travel adventures and life challenges.

Listen to her discuss about being a writer and more. I am sure you will find her presentation engrossing.

McCrohan's presentation is on Thursday, August 31, 2017 on the mezzanine floor, Ipswich Library. It starts at 10am. Light refreshments will be provided but you must register by email at