Rob Wright

AEC: We could wait another week for election result

AUSTRALIANS could end up waiting until July 15 before we know the official election result. 

A spokesman from the Australian Electoral Commission said the margin in at least four seats was so small counters would have to wait another eight days to ensure every single postal vote came back in. 

"So the margin in Hindmarsh is currently eight votes," an AEC spokesman said. 

"And if the overall picture is one where every single seat will play a role in who forms government then we will have to wait until all the postal votes are returned."

Hindmarsh in South Australia presently looks set to go to the ALP's Steve Georganas. 

The spokesman said three other seats were also set to go right down to the wire - Capricornia where the LNP's Leisa Neaton is ahead by just 472 votes, Herbert where the ALP's Cathy O'Toole leads by 620 votesand Forde where the LNP's Bert van Manen leads by 440. 

Of the four closest seats three are in Queensland. All of the seats set to take days to resolve are battles between the major parties.