CRIME WRAP: Your weekly wrap up from the Esk region (file image).
CRIME WRAP: Your weekly wrap up from the Esk region (file image).

Alleged thieves charged for multiple Esk business break-ins

A GATTON man will appear before the court after he allegedly unlawfully used a motor vehicle and breaking into an Esk business.

Following investigations, Esk police arrested a 32-year-old Gatton man on the same day, and retrieved the stolen car.

Police will allege the man broke into the Esk business on November 25.

He has been remanded in custody until his court date in December.

In addition to the arrest, Gatton CIB arrested several Gatton offenders for a further break-and-enter, and unlawful use of motor vehicle offences in Gatton that were related to the Esk offence.


Marine Incident

On November 14, Esk police were called to a marine incident at Somerset Dam, where a young boy had fallen off the back of a jet ski.

The juvenile sustained injuries and was transported by helicopter to hospital.

He was released the following day with minor injuries.

Investigations are continuing with the Brisbane Water police.


Trespass and public nuisance

Esk businesses have been hit hard with police called to a scene on November 21.

Police were called following a disturbance and trespass, and as a result, several Esk men were served with a notice to appear for public nuisance and trespass offences.


Drug charge

Following a search warrant, a 21-year-old Esk man has been charged with producing a dangerous drug and possession of drug utensils.


Drink driving charges

A 42-year-old Highfields woman has been issued a traffic infringement notice for driving with an expired drivers licence.

It was the woman’s first type-two related offence.

In a separate incident, a 19-year-old Fernvale woman was issued a notice to appear, and her licence was suspended, following a drink driving encounter.