Brianna Brett become stuck in floodwaters .
Brianna Brett become stuck in floodwaters . Contributed

'Amazing' man comes to rescue of stranded driver

ALONE, wet and terrified, Brianna Brett was unsure anyone would come to her rescue after becoming stuck in floodwaters.

The East Mackay resident said she was well aware of the "if it's flooded, forget it" message but was shocked at how quickly rain flooded the street on which she was travelling.

She said the area around Hucker St was "completely submerged in a matter of seconds" about 9.30pm on Tuesday.

"I hadn't experienced rain like this since I've been driving," Miss Brett, 19 said.

"Just as I was turning into Hucker St the rain picked up very heavily and I could hardly see.

"I intended on pulling over until the rain passed but in an instant the water was over my wheels and suddenly I couldn't get traction on the road and my car was being swept down the street. It's not a very big car so it didn't take much.

"I turned my car off and started panicking a bit."

Unsure of what would happen, Miss Brett said she quickly jumped out of her car before it filled with water.

"I got out and started pushing my car trying to get it up onto a kerb," she said.

"But it was still raining very heavily at this point and I couldn't see well and all of the areas on the side of the road were occupied by parked cars so I had to push it a fair way.

"Honestly, I don't know how I did it. It was pure adrenaline that told me I had to keep moving otherwise my car would almost be submerged."

She said waves were lapping at the side of her car as motorists drove past.

Miss Brett said one driver even laughed as they passed her by, but luckily one man, who had just finished work, offered his assistance.

"Some of the guys who drove past wound down their windows and looked at me," Miss Brett said.

"Everyone that came by, I said 'please help I'm stuck' and they just continued driving. "After some time Jarred (the man who helped) showed up and told me to get in and he would push the car.

"He continued pushing my car until it was in a spot with less water pooled up. He stayed with me the whole time until my dad arrived to help."

Miss Brett said she planned to deliver a thank you gift to the "amazing" Good Samaritan known only as Jarred.