THE latest terrorist attacks in London show Britain has imported the start of a civil war.

Few police and journalists have wanted to admit this truth for fears of seeming racist. We have the same denialists ourselves.

But how can it be denied now? In March, a British-born Islamist killed five people with his car and his knife outside the British parliament.

Two weeks ago, the Islamist son of Libyan refugees murdered 22 people, many of them teenage girls, at a pop concert in Manchester.

Now at least three men have run down and stabbed people on and near London Bridge. One woman had her throat cut, and a witness reported one of the attackers, described as looking Mediterranean, shouted: "This is for Allah."

Should Australia restrict migration from Islamic nations?

This poll ended on 28 June 2017.

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Yes. The warning signs are obvious


No. Most Islamic people are peace loving


Depends on how it is done


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