Constable Kimberly Allen (right) with Constable Shannon Barry. Photo: Ebony Graveur
Constable Kimberly Allen (right) with Constable Shannon Barry. Photo: Ebony Graveur

Animal-loving cops dig deep for hungry rescue pups

CONSTABLE Kimberly Allen has always loved dogs.

When she was conducting patrols in Laidley late at night, the Gatton Police officer heard barking coming from one of the properties she passed and, after a little research, she discovered it was home to a dog rescue shelter.

Not long afterwards, she reached out to Brave Companion Dog Rescue and became a volunteer, offering to walk the dogs in the mornings, as often as her work schedule would allow.

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When she heard the rescue service’s food supplies were running low, she made it her mission to help stock up.

“It started off with a little internal email (at the police station),” she said.

The email and word of mouth helped Const Allen gather mountains of stock – including food, dog toys and other supplies – for the shelter.

Within just a few days, Const Allen had gathered five large bags of dry food, 35 cans of wet dog food, five chew-proof steel food bowls, lots of toys, dental chew sticks and a big pile of blankets.

“The majority of this has come from the support of the Queensland Police Service, which is great,” she said.

“Some has come from local residents who just heard about it on the grapevine.”

Const Allen said recently the rescue service had provided shelter for a large dog that was surrendered while pregnant with a litter of puppies.

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“Puppy food is needed too. They’ve only just started opening their eyes,” Const Allen said.

“They’re very cute but, in saying that, de-sex your dogs.”

Const Allen’s colleague and new officer at the station Constable Shannon Barry also helped gather supplies.

“I went down to the shelter to have a look at all the puppies that have just been born,” Const Barry said.

“I just fell in love with them so, when Kim told me she was gathering supplies, I bought a heap of stuff to donate.”

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