RAISING THE FLAG ISSUES: Two readers today weigh into the flag debate.
RAISING THE FLAG ISSUES: Two readers today weigh into the flag debate. Mike Knott BUNFLAG

Letters: The Bundaberg flag debate rages on

Ashamed at council

I AM a white resident of Bundaberg and am very upset that Bundaberg council refuses to fly the first Australians' flag along with the Australian flag.

Aboriginal people have been here for more than 40,000 years and they need to be respected.

When Captain Cook came to take this land the hundreds of tribes in this land did not need flags as they were here before flags were even invented.

Aboriginal people have fought in the white man's wars alongside them helping them, dying for them.

Nevertheless though massive numbers were killed at the hands of whites the indigenous people who still survive are unconquered and they have had to invent their own symbol of unity, their flag, it is not one tribe's flag it represents them all.

I am ashamed of Bundaberg Regional Council for ignoring the feelings of the first Australians.

I stand with them proudly to demand their flag be shown respect and to be flown side by side, for indeed as the old saying goes "united we stand, divided we fall".

Mal Forman, I believe you are a good man, make it right please. Tomorrow be there at the park and raise their flag.

Council, listen to the hearts of most just residents and fly their flag.

Kevin Rudd's "sorry" means nothing if the first Australians can't fly their flag.




Protocol problem

ABOUT the flag debate, there are thousands of flags flown every day in Australia: ethnic, sporting and corporate flags.

But this kerfuffle is about protocol.

If the protocol is not to your liking, then there is a problem.

Would you be offended if you saw Greek, Italian or US flags flying at a private home, business or sporting event?

Apart from religious flags, Christian or otherwise, it doesn't bother me.

I would like to see the two flags merge and get rid of the colonial Union Jack.

The British have never helped us in any war and abandoned us to the Japanese, while thousands of Australians died for king and country.

We don't need the Union Jack to remind us that Australia was invaded by Britain in 1788.