Stephen Lester & Jason Gordon at Gatton auto
Stephen Lester & Jason Gordon at Gatton auto Nathan Greaves

Awesome Award for Gatton Auto

FOR the third time in four years, Gatton Auto has been the proud recipient of the Global Award for Nissan Dealer Excellence.

"We've been working towards this all year." Gatton Auto Dealer Principal Jason Gordon said.

"Each member of the Gatton Auto team contributes toward the win, because every member makes the difference and puts the dealership in the running to be awarded."

The Nissan Dealer Excellence program runs for twelve months at dealerships across the globe, with points being earned every month, by every department, for key criteria set by Nissan.

These criteria cover practical aspects of the business, such as sales figures and financial successes, but also customer service and satisfaction.

To be considered for the award, a dealership can't just be good at selling cars and making money, they also have to excel at engaging with the community and meeting the needs of individual customers.

To receive the Global award, a dealership must perform exceptionally in every applicable area, and this is exactly what Gatton Auto has once again done.

While the award was presented to Mr Gordon, he said the success was a team effort.

"I'd like to congratulate each member for contributing towards the win, and thank them for their effort and impact."