Apollo Jackson to compete in wrestling match in Laidley.
Apollo Jackson to compete in wrestling match in Laidley.

Bachlorette contestant to wrestle in the Lockyer

Professional wrestling: The temperature is set to rise in the Laidley Cultural Centre as Apollo Jackson gets ready to bring his fire-breathing act to the Lockyer.

The former bachelorette contestant might still be perfecting his form in the wrestling ring, but the actor, musician, magician and reality television star has got the performance side down pat.

Known as the Aussie Hellraiser, the entertainment addict is eager to debut in the Lockyer Valley production on Saturday night.

"I just love wrestling and I love performing," Jackson said.

"My character is a good guy but sort of an edgy good guy.

"I come out fire breathing so I'm Apollo Jackson, but my nickname is Aussie Hellraiser."

While Jackson is no stranger to the spotlight, those who did not watch him pursue Sophie Monk in the 2017 season of the bachelorette will meet his good guy persona for the first time.

"The interaction with the crowd is everything when it comes to wrestling," Jackson said.


Apollo Jackson to compete in wrestling match in Laidley.
Photo: Venom Pro Wrestling/ Barbs Photos

"I think most people develop a character and solidify that character ... when you're creating story lines.

"If you're the good guy (you need to) assert yourself as that, if you're the bad guy you need to really enjoy getting people to hate you."

Jackson's fire involvement in the production could also attract non-wrestling fans to the night like moths a to chiselled-flame.

Set to don his fitted tights, Jackson said he was ready to share his latest passion with the Laidley audience.

"Wrestling brings together all the different elements I love in the different careers," he said

"I've been in the entertainment industry since I was a kid but I really enjoy the fitness and physicality side of it as well."

The event won't be the first time Jackson wrestles up support in front of audiences, previously performing with the Venom Pro Wrestling production.

"The best thing I enjoy about wrestling, apart from getting my entertainment fix, is just the community of wrestlers," Jackson said.

The reality television star has been rumoured to be the next bachelor, but he will fulfil his date in Laidley before possibly pursuing love on television screens across Australia for a third time.


Apollo Jackson to compete in wrestling match in Laidley.
Apollo Jackson to compete in wrestling match in Laidley.

The December 1 meet will be the last event for the Lockyer Valley production before it changes owners ahead of the 2019 production.

"I heard it was the final show and it's a really reputable show as well, I always wanted to be a part of it, so I was pretty excited when I got asked to be involved," Jackson said.

"It's just going to be an all-round awesome night and I think it being the final show everyone is going to put in and make it one to remember."

Three matches have been confirmed so far for the night including a Table, Ladders and Chairs tag team fight with the only female competitor Kira Sommers.

Four more matches will be confirmed throughout the week with every match offering a something new.

The night will be jam-packed with action, drama, stunts and a "strong chance of a lot of blood".