A woman has been fined $600 after she used a man’s bank card twice.
A woman has been fined $600 after she used a man’s bank card twice.

Baked treats and groceries: How fraudster used man’s paywave

A PAPUA New Guinea woman who found herself with somebody else's bank card headed for a bite to eat from a Lockyer Valley bakery after she finished her grocery shopping one morning.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Anna Taipi, 27, used a card that wasn't hers to pay for $45 worth of groceries at the Gatton IGA before using it again to pay $6 for goods at the Valley Bakery.

When the owner of the Heritage Bank debit card noticed it was missing, he reported it to police who viewed CCTV footage to link two transactions to Taipi.

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Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor said the card's owner reported he had lost the card between November 29 and 30, 2019.

"He has lost his Heritage Bank card somewhere in the confines of the Royal Hotel," Sgt Windsor said.

"At 7.25am of Saturday November 30, the offender has presented at the counter of IGA … using the paywave facility of the complainant's Heritage Bank card."

The court heard Taipi hadn't had permission to use the card.

She pleaded guilty to three charges, including receiving stolen goods, and two counts of fraud.

Sgt Windsor said Taipi had no criminal history and had met with police on June 11 at the Gatton Police Station.

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"Police spoke to her in relation to what had occurred and she said she did know the complainant," Sgt Windsor said.

"She wasn't authorised to make those payments - that was confirmed."

She was ordered to pay a $600 fine.

No conviction was recorded.

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