Meet the people behind the podcast.
Meet the people behind the podcast.

BEHIND THE PODCAST: How the series was created

THE Cowper podcast is a first for The Daily Examiner.

A trio of journalists have been working on Cowper periodically across months to culminate in what you will hear and read about in the coming weeks.

Digital producer Jenna Thompson came up with the podcast idea after learning more about the incident during last year's anniversary and has devoted countless hours to creating the podcast while colleagues Kathryn Lewis and Lesley Apps have written more than 20 Beyond the Podcast articles based on the interview transcripts and their own research.

Between them, they spoke to more than 30 people. Those spoken to 'off the record' are not listed here.

Jenna: Bryan Robins (SES officer), Glenn-Michael Askew (survivor), Natisha Pitt (survivor), Kellie Redenbach (truck driver's daughter), Maureen Cuffe (doctor), Richie Williamson (Pacific Highway Taskforce), Paul Covington (2GF breakfast host), Lt. Colonel Don Woodland (Salvation Army chaplain), Ann Cartwright (friend of survivor Angela Ormesher), Charles Husking (fire captain), Bruce McIver (Australian Transport Industry), Graeme Wood (transport industry).

Kathryn: Robin Smith (paramedic), Yvonne Bradford (survivor), Dr Ray Jones (doctor), Dr Jean Griffiths (academic - impacts of crash), Kaye Paine (nurse), Mike Emerson (mayor), Frank Mitchell (pseudonym retired truck driver) Detective Seargent Ray Constable (retired forensic officer), Adam Hourigan (modern media spokesperson), Bob Higgins, (highway upgrade project director).

Lesley: Alan Bowling (farmer and first on the scene); Media contingent at the time: Rob Milne (Daily Examiner editor), David Bancroft (2GF journalist), Bill Counsell (Daily Examiner photographer), Ian Thomson (NRTV reporter). Medicos: Dr Jim Barnett, Dr Hal Leaver, Dr Jim Rae.