Billy Slater admits the NRL has an illicit drugs problem.
Billy Slater admits the NRL has an illicit drugs problem.

Billy Slater says NRL needs to address drugs problem

BILLY Slater admits the NRL has an illicit drugs problem after a shocking weekend for the embattled code.

Four players including Melbourne Storm forward Jesse Bromwich and an administrator have been engulfed in the dramas after separate incidents involving a drug believed to be cocaine.

Slater today said he had not made contact with Bromwich since the Friday night bender in Canberra.

"If you asked me seven days ago 'Is there a drugs problem in our game I would have said no'," Slater said.

"Might be a little bit naive to the fact that sort of stuff goes on.

"I'm not out there and I don't see it, it's not a reflection of our club, that's for sure but sitting here today you'd probably say there is a problem and it probably needs to be addressed.

"What the solution is I don't know and to be honest it's not my job to sit here and come up with an answer."

Bromwich was nabbed on CCTV video with former Storm teammate Kevin Proctor allegedly buying cocaine outside a Canberra nightclub.

Bromwich was suspended for two NRL games and sacked for this year's Rugby League World Cup.

The fearsome forward had already surrendered the Kiwis captaincy and Storm leadership role, as well as committed to donating his international match fee - $20,000 - to charity.

"I was (shocked) a little bit like everyone else, I've known Jesse for 10 years ... certainly was extremely shocked with the news and he's paying the price for it now," Slater said.

"It's disappointing that any member of our club would be involved in the events that were Saturday morning.

"I'm disappointed but I think the person most disappointed would be Jesse, I know he is doing it really tough at the moment and he's really disappointed in his own actions and the choices that he's made."

Bromwich is on leave after the representative weekend, but Slater expects he will address the players upon his return.

The ex-Kiwis captain will receive a strike under the NRL illicit drugs code and be target tested going forward.

A second strike would attract an automatic 12-game ban.