Roads under water in the Mackay region. FILE PICTURE
Roads under water in the Mackay region. FILE PICTURE Stuart Quinn

BOM says 'very serious' rain totals will fall across region

AS A barrage of water continues to fall in Townsville, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned people living in the Mackay and Whitsundays area will feel the impact of the Big Wet over coming days.

In thunderstorm forecast issued Sunday, The Bureau of Meteorology said heavy rainfall, which could lead to flash flooding, was likely between Townsville to Sarina rainfall and shower activity would start to increase around the Mackay and Whitsunday region from Monday, with totals around the 100-150mm mark 'quite likely'.

BOM meteorologist Jess Gardener this morning stressed how serious the weather could become around Mackay.

"We are looking at seeing some rainfall and heavy falls," she said.

"We shouldn't see the prolonged-nature of the rain in Townsville but we could see falls like their 24-hour totals."

"People should keep an eye on the warnings."

Ms Gardener sad falls of about 80-100mm were expected to bare-down on the region today with the same amount falling tomorrow.

"It is very serious," she said.

"Always listen to authorities and listen to the warnings."


As the monsoon pushes south, it is forecast rain and flooding will impact people living between Townsville and Sarina.
As the monsoon pushes south, it is forecast rain and flooding will impact people living between Townsville and Sarina. BOM


Monday: 95 per cent chance of rain with showers expected tending to rain periods at times. There is also a chance of a thunderstorm.

Tuesday: Possible storm and heavy falls with a 95 per cent chance of rain. 80 to 120 mm expected. Chance of showers and rain periods. The chance of a thunderstorm with possible heavy falls


Across the region, localised flash flooding and rain have caused a number of roads to close. The RACQ Traffic Update and Road Closure map

1. Palm Tree Road is closed to all traffic in both directions at the first crossing. Drivers are advised to not drive in flood waters. This road has been closed since 1.25pm yesterday.

2. Marian Eton Road is closed because of water covering the road at Sandy Creek. The road has been closed in both directions since noon yesterday.


The Mackay Regional Council keeps Emergency Sand Stockpiles which the public can use in an emergency to fill their own sandbags and protect their property from flooding.

Emergency sand stockpile locations include:

North Mackay - Norris Rd reserve (PCYC end)

West Mackay - 374 Shakespeare Street (beside the 122 Army Cadet Buildings)

West Mackay - Hume Street, Entrance to Council Depot Complex

South Mackay - Mackay Stadium Gravel overflow carpark on Leisure Street off Bridge Road)

Mirani - Corner Victoria & Augusta Streets

Sarina - Brewers Road SES Facility

Campwin Beach - 103 Campwin Beach Road SES Facility

Finch Hatton - 17 Letchford Street, SES Facility

Grasstree Beach - 40 Zelma Street, Combined Emergency Services Facility

Koumala - Bull Street, SES Facility

Midge Point - 1503 Midge Point Road - SES Facility

Sandbags may be purchased from most hardware stores and residents need to bring their own sandbags and shovel to self-fill bags.