Thieves taking donated items from a lifeline store.
Thieves taking donated items from a lifeline store.

Brazen thieves caught on camera ripping off charity bin

A HUSBAND and wife were left gobsmacked at a group of brazen thieves ripping off a Sunshine Coast charity bin.

The couple was having lunch at the North Shore Tavern on Monday and while dining, witnessed two different lots of people going through the donated goods.

In a space of 15 minutes two sets of people aged in their 50s suspiciously rifled through the goods at the Lifeline store next door.

The store was closed for New Years Day and a stack of donated supplies had been placed at the front door by generous locals.


Thieves taking donated items from a lifeline store.

In a time where charity is encouraged, this act is amongst the lowest of the low.

"The first were a couple and were going through the donated goods but didn't take anything," the witness said before taking photos of the alleged thieves.

"However, the second lot which were both males, went through each and every box and bag and took three loads of stuff back to their vehicles.

"They took various goods including a pair of crutches. Then a third younger male also had a rummage through the donations.

"My wife and I are absolutely gobsmacked and disgusted that people of their age would be taking donated goods from a place like Lifeline that helps the needy. Pure grubs."

Lifeline Australia encourage locals to only donate in opening hours.