25,000 homes in darkness after region wide power outage

UPDATE 7.50pm:

An Ergon Energy spokesman said in total 25,000 homes in Gladstone lost power tonight.

While Ergon were still trying to figure out what happened, the spokesman said the priority for Ergon was just to get the power back on.

He said the majority of people lost power shortly before 7pm, while other homes in Glen Eden lost power about 7.10pm.

At this stage Ergon believed one transformer tripped before workers managed to switch it over to another transformer.

EARLIER 7.25pm: 

AND Ergon Energy said let there be light.

Gladstone momentarily plunged into darkness after a sizeable power outage.

According to Ergon Energy's "outage finder" 792 customers lost power for about 20 minutes.

The areas affected were Gladstone, Glen Eden and Yarwun, however it's understood both Tannum Sands and Boyne Island were affected too.

The power went out at about 6.55pm, which happened to coincide with this reporters viewing of the Big Bash.

Traffic and street lights were also out however motorists were observed driving with extreme caution.

Although a spokesman for Ergon Energy was unaware of the power outage, on Ergon's outage finder it said the loss of power was due to "damage requiring emergency repairs".

A spokesman for Ergon Energy will contact The Observer once the reason for the outage is fully determined.

Let The Observer know if you're still in darkness and we might be able to keep you updated with the cricket scores...