A firefighter extinguishes a fire which started on Spencer St, Gatton.
A firefighter extinguishes a fire which started on Spencer St, Gatton. Ali Kuchel

'Three big bangs': Large fire fills Gatton with smoke

A large vegetation fire broke out in Gatton at 2:43pm, on the outskirts of the CBD.

Smoke was visible from town, and may affect residents and motorists in the area.

The first of the fire crews arrived on scene at 3pm, with as many as 13 crews being in the area at one point.

QFES reports that 5 crews still on the scene.

It's believed the fire started on Spencer St, from a branch that connected with some power lines.

The fire is heading north through the gully outside Gatton, and has been contained to Lockyer Creek.

Local Laurence Sabburg said there were "three big bangs".

"We went to ring 000 but the power was off," he said.

"The flames were higher than the little trees. Lucky for us the wind was blowing the other way."

Police had said there is currently no threat to homes.

Rob Kiss, who has lived on North St for the past three years, said he noticed the smoke from beside his house and then realised the power was out.

"Then the police came past and the fire brigade," Mr Kiss said.

"I noticed the smoke and then, a couple of minutes later, I noticed the police car."

He said he was concerned about the welfare of the residents at the Gatton Senior Citizens Centre which backed onto the Lockyer Creek.

"I'm more nervous about the old people... Because if it goes through the creek, we're going to have problems," he said.

Mr Kiss said he knew someone in the GSCC who was presently in hospital.

"I've driven his van over here because it's about as safe as it can be because there's nothing around," he said.

"I'm looking out just in case anyone needs a hand."

An estimated 460 homes in the area have suffered outages, as well as businesses and traffic lights, as a result of the incident, though Energex have now restored power throughout the area.

There are road diversions in place across the region.

QFES advises residents to close their doors and windows, and keep medication closeby if suffering from a respiratory condition.

Motorists should use caution and drive to conditions. If you believe your property is under threat contact 000.

It is the latest in a series of serious fires in the Lockyer and Somerset regions in recent days. 

Another bushfire is currently underway near Esk, with six crews fighting to keep it contained.

This follows a much more serious incident at Linville on Sunday, where residents where forced to evacuate their homes, and water bombing was carried out to contain the blaze. 

Firefighters also combated a fast-moving grass fire near the Warrego Highway on Saturday.