An armed man threatened three brothers before ordering them to give him a lift to Lowood.
An armed man threatened three brothers before ordering them to give him a lift to Lowood.

Brothers ordered to drive in horrific car park ordeal

THREE brothers seated in their car were targeted in a surprise kidnapping by a man armed with a knife.

The unexpected confrontation with the knife wielding stranger took place in the Lockyer Valley, with the trio ordered to drive the man to Lowood.

Car jacker John Drysdale later flashed his penis at hotel staff after using a stolen bank card belonging to his victims' mother.

Drysdale appeared at Ipswich District Court for sentence in the Crown prosecution case.

John Andrew Drysdale, 27, a construction worker from Lowood, pleaded guilty to three charges of deprivation of liberty at Fernvale on Monday, February 17 this year; committing armed robbery with violence; common assault; unlawful use of a motor vehicle; and committing fraud.

Defence barrister Justin Thomas said Drsydale had difficulty in dealing with stress and resorted to drugs or alcohol.

Mr Thomas said he had no previous history for violence and his behaviour that day was "indicative of irrational conduct from his intoxication".

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said Drysdale approached the three brothers in a car park at Fernvale and produced a knife.

He pointed the knife through the window of the vehicle and demanded they drive him to Lowood.

Drysdale got into the vehicle and directed the driver where to go and where to stop.

They were later told to get out and to sit on the ground.

Two of the brothers did as ordered but when the driver refused Drysdale kicked him in the ribs.

The two struggled and Drysdale grabbed him by the neck and squeezed.

When the man tried to push his hand away that held the knife, Drysdale punched him in the face.

Drysdale got back into the vehicle and, after a demanding the keys, drove off.

CCTV in a hotel at Lowood later recorded Drysdale using a bank card stolen from the victims to buy alcohol and food.

Judge Lynch said when Drysdale left the hotel he exposed his penis to staff.

He said the ordeal involved physical violence and would have caused the brothers to fear for their safety.

"A terrifying experience to be confronted by an armed man," he said.

Judge Lynch also went through Drysdale's growing criminal history, which included previous jail orders.

He said excessive use of alcohol and ice had been behind his offending.

"You were significantly intoxicated at the time and there is no excuse for your behaviour," Judge Lynch said.

Finding it to be a very serious crime, Judge Lynch sentenced Drysdale to three years jail.

With 283 days already served he will receive parole on February 17 next year.