LAST YEAR: The 2019 Laidley Show opening.
LAST YEAR: The 2019 Laidley Show opening.

CANCELLED: Final local show pulls pin on 2020 event

DAYS after news broke the Ekka would not run this year, a Lockyer Valley show has followed suit.

While most shows in the region announced cancellations more than a week ago, the organisers behind the Laidley show hoped to find a way to keep their show afloat.

But Laidley Show Society president Craig Wass made the announcement the show would not go ahead this year.

“I would have loved to have left it until the last weekend – I hoped to hold out until the middle of June before deciding on cancelling the show,” Mr Wass said.

“In case they come up with some miracle cure tomorrow.”

He said it wasn’t possible to hold off – due to the number of people involved and the cost of putting on a show.

If there were a last-minute cancellation, the show society would be seriously out of pocket.

“We needed to make the decision to let (the contractors) know they wouldn’t be working in July,” he said.

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He said the show society received phone calls daily from judges and contestants curious about the fate of the show and concerned about a possible cancellation.

“We got tired about telling people we were holding off to see what would happen when the rest of the show world was telling everybody they were cancelled,” he said.

“We can’t run the show – legally, we just cannot run the show.”

In 1919, the Ekka was cancelled due to the Spanish flu pandemic and again in 1942, during World War 2.

“This is not the first time we’ve had a show cancelled,” Craig said.

The show society considered postponing the Laidley Show but found it was impossible, partly because of the reliance of rural shows on one another.

“The whole idea is you compete at your local ag show to accumulate qualifications and go to Brisbane Royal but now Brisbane Royal is cancelled – they can’t run a show,” Craig said.

“We would have like to have postponed and run at a later date but logistically it doesn’t work and people don’t expect to see Laidley Show in November.”