GREAT LENGTHS: Carrie Snow will shave her head for charity.
GREAT LENGTHS: Carrie Snow will shave her head for charity. Meg Bolton

Carrie changes her appearance to help others

IF shaving her hair off brings a smile to the face of just one little girl, the deed will be worth it for Laidley mum Carrie Snow.

The 29-year-old has always wanted to participate in the World's Greatest Shave and after growing her locks for three years, she will take the plunge by shaving off 450mm of hair.

"I just want to help others,” Ms Snow said.

With just one pair of clippers, Ms Show will help two charities by donating all hair shaved from her scalp to Variety Australia.

Variety Australia is a children's charity that provides support for kids with a range of illnesses and also collects hair donations for wigs.

Ms Snow hoped donating her hair would contribute to making the life of a child suffering an illness "a little bit easier”.

"Hair helps us to feel beautiful and gives us a bit of individuality when we style it, however there are many people, including children, that don't have this luxury,” Ms Snow said.

"Little girls losing their hair, confidence and individuality because of these illnesses breaks my heart. If shaving my hair off and donating it for a wig can help, I'm all for it.”

The act of kindness was a no-brainer for Ms Snow.

"It's not really about being brave, as many people say, I just want to help as much as I can, (and this is) the best way that I can,” she said.

Ms Snow will shave her head at the Leukaemia Foundation Lockyer- Brisbane Valley World's Greatest Shave event at Porters Plainland on March15 from 6.30pm.

Treasurer Geoff Beattie will also shave his head on the night, along with at least one other participant.

He urged community members to attend the night in support of those with cancer.

You can donate to Carrie's cause at