Taelor James Russell drove four times the legal limit before trying to hide behind his couch from police.
Taelor James Russell drove four times the legal limit before trying to hide behind his couch from police.

Caught behind the couch: Drunk driver’s dog search fail

A DRUNK driver four times the legal limit tried to hide from police behind a couch after he failed to pull over on the road.

Taelor James Russell, from Coolum, was driving at Kurramine Beach on the afternoon of October 12 when he garnered the attention of police.

Police prosecutor Melissa Campbell told a court police had been called to conduct patrols after receiving reports that a man was erratically driving, doing sharp turns and "possibly burnouts".

Russell, 26, failed to pull over when police signalled him to do so.

"As the driver passed police, police observed the driver side window was down and the driver was staring at police," Senior Constable Campbell said.

Police turned on their lights and sirens but lost sight of Russell who was driving a car without number plates.

They found the car at a nearby residence shortly after and could hear noises and a door slamming inside the house.

"They knocked on the door with no response, believed the defendant was hiding in his room, opened the back door to enter the dwelling and announced it was police," Sen-Const Campbell said.

"One of the officers went around to the front door and observed the defendant now attempting to hide behind the couch.

"The defendant became aggressive at police."

Sen-Const Campbell said Russell resisted as he was arrested by police.

He had a breath alcohol concentration of 0.218 per cent.

At Noosa Magistrates Court today Russell pleaded guilty to obstructing police, driving under the influence of liquor, failing to comply with a requirement to stop his vehicle and failing to notify a change of address.

He told magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist that he shouldn't have been driving under the influence but that his housemate's dog had escaped and he was driving to find it.

Mr Stjernqvist said Russell was lucky he wasn't charged with an evade offence because he likely would have spent time in custody and been fined $7000 if convicted.

Russell was fined a total of $2000.

For driving under the influence he was disqualified from driving for 12 months.

The convictions were recorded.