Change needed after skate park accident

19th April 2017 9:42 AM
UPDATED 20th April 6:22 AM
12-year-old Ryley Barnes was hit by a car while riding his BMX bike in Kensington Grove. LUCKY BOY: Ryley Barnes was fortunate not to be seriously injured after he was hit by a car while riding his BMX bike on Bertrand Ave in Kensington Grove, but suffered a concussion and bruising to his liver and kidney. Contributed

AS RYLEY Barnes made his way home from his daily visit to the skate park in Kensington Grove last week, it seemed just like any other day for the BMX-mad 12-year-old.

But he was hit by a car as he left the park on Bertrand Ave last Tuesday and thrown several metres off his bike from the impact, which was enough to crack the vehicle's radiator.

He suffered a concussion, bruising to his liver and kidney as well as various scrapes and bruises and his beloved bike was totalled.

He was lucky not to be left with more serious injuries.

But Ryley's family and some of those living in the area believe it was just a matter of time before an accident like this happened.

There is no footpath leading to the skate park, which means there is no safe access for riders and residents also have to brave the road if they are going for a stroll or walking pets.

Ryley's aunty Jenna Moore said the road had long held a reputation for being unsafe.

"It's honestly very dangerous," Ms Moore said.

"I grew up in that area... even when I was a little kid, I remember that you couldn't walk up and down that section.

"There is no safe access there for kids to enter (the skate park)."

Bertrand Ave resident Troy Staines said the accident was "bound to happen".

"The side of the road is almost impossible to walk on, let alone ride a bike or scooter, which many children do on a daily basis to get access to the skate park," Mr Staines said.

He contacted Lockyer Valley Regional Council about taking measures to improve safety on the road.

"Last we were told was it was submitted for budget consideration," he said.

"That was around two years ago... there have been a few near misses, which is what made me email council originally. There needs to be a proper footpath put into place to prevent further accidents."

Council was contacted for comment but were unable to provide a response before the Gatton Star went to print.

The family has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a new bike for Ryley, to contribute visit: