Tanika Hunter, 8, holds onto a chicken that is laying mysteriously yolkless half sized eggs.
Tanika Hunter, 8, holds onto a chicken that is laying mysteriously yolkless half sized eggs. Claudia Baxter

Chicken's eggs are no yolk

IS it foul play? Or just a case of eggs-trordinary genetics?

Whatever the truth, there's no doubt that this Rhode Island Red has been a big disappointment to Rosewood chicken owner Jenny Brown.

She bought the hen in April expecting it to lay regular eggs, but so far it has only produced eggs with no yolk - dozens of them.

"Normally when a hen first starts laying eggs she lays a few of these," Ms Brown said.

"But I've pulled out four dozen of these. And that's not counting the ones I've fed to the dogs."

The eggs are tiny, half the size of a regular egg, and when cracked open contain nothing but egg white.

"I've heard bodybuilders eat just egg whites because of something in the yolks, but these are tiny, how many of them would a body builder need to eat."

However, Ms Brown's hen has been producing eggs for months and is yet to lay a single good egg.

Ms Brown is far from a bird-novice with her Rosewood house home to six ducks, one rooster, two hens, three budgies, two cockatiels and six quails.

"I'm not an expert, but I've had hens for years and I've never had one do this before."

Bill Vaughan has been a part of the Ipswich Poultry Club for 54 years and has never heard of a hen laying yolkless eggs.

Mr Vaughan said he wouldn't like to say what may be causing the eggs to form without a yolk.

"I'm very surprised. I would like to see it," he said.

Yolkless eggs were once known as 'cock eggs' and thought to be laid by roosters. It was thought if a 'cock egg' hatched a monster called a cockatrice that could kill with a stare, would be born.


  • Yolkless eggs are referred to as 'dwarf' or 'wind eggs'.
  • Eggs are high in protein and are a good source of iron.
  • They have less than 2g of saturated fat and are a source of 11 vitamins.