Photographer breathes new life into childhood favourites

Toowoomba photographer Christopher Nobs enjoys toy photography. Contributed March 2013
Much to the delight of his online fans, Christopher Nobs enjoys placing himself in his toy photographs.

TOYS are no longer just things that children can play with.

Adults are taking toys out of the play room and on to the streets to create imaginative photographs.

Toowoomba photographer Christopher Nobs breathes life into toys and captures their images in humorous, lifelike poses.

Among his favourite subjects are Woody and Buzz from the Toy Story franchise, Japanese manga characters and other Disney favourites.

He then posts his images on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

"I started with nature pictures and animal shots," the German-born 24-year-old said.

"But since joining Instagram, I have gotten more into toy photography.

"I am inspired by other people's toy photographs."

However Mr Nobs believes he might have been the first to Photoshop his own likeness into the photographs.

Photographer Christopher Nobs enjoys taking photographs of toys in lifelike poses. March 2013 Photo Anthea Gleeson / The Chronicle
Photographer Christopher Nobs enjoys photographing toys in outdoor settings. Anthea Gleeson

"I like to try and make them look alive," he said.

"It's quite hard to think of a plan, set-up the shot and find the best angle.

"Just one scene might take half an hour. I have discovered a secret though: blue tack!"

Mr Nobs has about 150 different toys in his collection that he has sourced from Asia.

He prefers the "collectible" toy over an action figure because they are more expressive and movable.

Mr Nobs hopes to study photography in the future and develop his skills on his Canon.

More of Mr Nobs' work can be found at