MSF Sugar Maryborough Region Mill. Photograph by Maggie Zemek
MSF Sugar Maryborough Region Mill. Photograph by Maggie Zemek

UPDATE: Mill closure letter reveals more details


A MEMO, sent the growers and mill staff and viewed by the Chronicle, reveals the impending sale of Maryborough farms to Rural Funds Management formally settled on Wednesday afternoon.

The update on the decision, which will impact future cane operations in the region, is signed by Krisda Monthienvichienchai - Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mitr Phol Group and Interim-CEO and Interim-CFO, MSF Sugar.

"In addition to the sale, MSF Sugar has agreed with the Isis Central Sugar Mill Co. Ltd to progress the formation of a toll crushing agreement which will result in cane that is sourced from the Maryborough and Sunshine Coast regions being crushed at the Isis Central Sugar Mill in 2021 and 2022," it reads

"MSF Sugar is also engaging with Canegrowers as part of this process.

"In light of the above, the MPAH Board has made a decision to cease operations at the Maryborough Mill.

"MSF Sugar will notify Maryborough workers shortly regarding the arrangements for further consultation to occur where workers can engage with MSF Sugar regarding the implications of the decision."

More to come. 


MARYBOROUGH Sugar Mill will officially close down as crushing season wraps up this week.

A spokesman from MSF Sugar confirmed the news on Wednesday.

He said further comment would be made by the company, but at the moment it was speaking with its workers.

It comes after MSF Sugar sold more than 5000 hectares of cane land to Australian company Rural Funds Management for $81.1 million.

The settlement went ahead in October and the company has confirmed it will be converting more than 2000 hectares of cane land to growing macadamia nuts.

The sugar mill is one of Maryborough's biggest employers.

About 60 jobs will be lost.

The mill has been operating in Maryborough for 126 years.

The company is required to crush the region's cane or assist with it being crushed elsewhere, with many believing next year's crush will be carried out at Isis Central Sugar Mill next year.