FEARFUL: Kelly Cubis, at Gatton Pony Club in Grantham.
FEARFUL: Kelly Cubis, at Gatton Pony Club in Grantham. Nathan Greaves

Club targetted by unhinged theft

A CHERISHED community club is reeling after becoming the victim of a bizarre theft.

Between 4pm on Thursday, June 20, and 9:55am on Friday, June 21, three gates were stolen from within the grounds of the Gatton Pony Club at Grantham.

The value of the stolen gates is estimated to be about $1000.

The theft is a massive blow to the morale of the club, which is a non-profit group with 75 riding members, and many more who attend on a casual basis.

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While the gates were covered by insurance, the theft is still an expense and inconvenience.

The gates had to be replaced straight away for an event on Sunday, with members donating their time to install the new gates.

"We had to work all day Saturday to replace the gates. People had to bring down welders and try to get the gates back on.” Kelly Cubis, one of the club managers, said.

"Whilst we're waiting for insurance, in the meantime we're out of pocket.”

This isn't the first time the pony club has been targeted by thieves.

Two weeks earlier, the clubhouse was broken into and ransacked.

The thieves took the club's mower, whipper-snipper, and all of the drinks and food stored in the fridges for an upcoming event.

It left members and management no longer feeling safe storing anything at the club.

"We can't even leave anything now, down at the grounds. Everything's at people's homes, because we're worried about it getting stolen,” Kelly said.

"It's disappointing, because we're only here for the kids. We don't make any money.”

Police are asking that anyone with information on the thefts to please reach out by calling Gatton Police on 4631 6999 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.