Damage caused when a car smashed through a fence in Hamilton Street Wednesday.
Damage caused when a car smashed through a fence in Hamilton Street Wednesday. Zarisha Bradley

'Cohort' running rampant: 81 car theft offences in 3 months

THERE have been 81 cases of car theft recorded by Mackay Police within the last three months, with police worried about "a cohort" of thieves running rampant across the region.

Mackay Inspector Ian Haughton admitted the number of cars being stolen and dumped was a concerning trend.

"With vehicle thefts you have peaks and troughs but it is definitely on the reported crime agenda in Mackay at the moment, it is on the peak," Insp Haughton said.

"We have got a cohort of offenders involved with breaking into homes, stealing the keys to vehicles, stealing vehicles and using them in and around the Mackay district.

"We do not know how many people are part of the cohort; it could be a combination of both juvenile and adult offenders."

Insp Haughton said police were endeavouring to identify two individuals who allegedly crashed a stolen car in Hamilton St yesterday afternoon.

"Two other people are being interviewed by police at the moment. One of those people has been dealt with under the Youth Justice Act and the other is still being interviewed," he said.

He's urging people to ensure their vehicles and their homes are secured, especially at night.

"There is no particular hotspot this cohort is targeting, it is all over the Mackay region."

An elderly woman had the fright of her life after a stolen Mitsubishi Triton crashed through her front fence, destroying her garden.

It comes after two adolescents stole an Audi on Monday night from an address in Beaconsfield, the same address from which a second vehicle was stolen at the weekend.

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