NEW YEAR, OLD CHALLENGES: Local police are gearing up for a busy period.
NEW YEAR, OLD CHALLENGES: Local police are gearing up for a busy period.

Cops’ plea for low crash, fatality rate for new year

A NEW year means the return of old challenges for local police, who are gearing up for what is sure to be another busy period of enforcement.

Road safety is the key issue for Gatton Station OIC Senior Sergeant Rowland Browne.

“Traffic will be an ongoing matter and we’ll be looking for a low rate of serious traffic crashes next year,” he said.

“That will be complemented by the new Road Policing Unit that set up in Laidley about a month or so ago.”

Like many in the region, Sgt Browne is hopeful for rain, but he is also wary of the dangers that can come with it.

“The first rain after a big dry, the roads can get very slippery, and we tend to see a rise in crashes,” he said.

“If or when we get some rain, we’ll be out doing some enforcement just to keep people slow and reasonable.”

Traffic issues are also a focus for Toogoolawah Police OIC Sergeant John Cumner, particularly on the maligned Brisbane Valley Highway.

“We’re continually liaising with the Department of Transport of Main Roads, and Council in relation to perceived traffic safety issues that we can work together with,” he said.

“Our physical presence on the roads and education of drivers are a big part of that as well.”

He said his station was also seeking to strengthen its bonds with the local residents.

“Along with our usual operations, we’re looking to continue our local efforts, paying attention to things that matter to the community here,” he said.

“We’re looking to become further involved with our schools, so the youth of the area can have a good familiarisation with their local police, and they can feel comfortable speaking with us.”