Corby sparks engagement rumours


SCHAPELLE Corby's new accessory has fuelled speculation she's taking her relationship with Ben Panangian to the next level.

The 42-year-old, who was convicted of smuggling marijuana into Bali in 2004, is now sporting a diamond ring on her wedding finger.

Corby showed off the sparkler in two photos shared to her Instagram on Thursday as she enjoyed a day at the beach on the Gold Coast with her dog Lucille.

One of Corby's followers was quick to pick up on her new ring, commenting: "That's a beautiful ring your (sic) wearing …"

Corby replied with a smiley face emoji, saying: "I think so too."


Corby's new accessory was hard to miss.
Corby's new accessory was hard to miss.


Corby also wore the ring for a day at the beach.
Corby also wore the ring for a day at the beach.

Corby is yet to comment on whether she and Panangian are engaged, however, she has shared two gushing Instagram posts dedicated to her partner in the past fortnight.

The Queensland native even shared a montage of their now-infamous foot holding photo, which made headlines when Corby first posted it last year.


Panangian and Corby reportedly met in 2006 at a church service inside Kerobokan prison, where they were both serving sentences for drugs charges.

Panangian, a former surfer turned paddle board instructor based in Kuta, is unable to enter Australia because of his drug record.

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The couple met in 2006.
The couple met in 2006.

Since Corby was deported back to Australia in 2017 the two have maintained a long-term relationship and meeting up once a year.

During a holiday together around Thailand earlier this year, Corby revealed the couple were planning for a baby.

"We are hoping to become pregnant on this trip together. I'm 42 this year and Ben is 38," she told Woman's Day.

After keeping a low profile for the last two years, Corby gave a series of live interviews last month to promote her updated memoir, My Story.

Corby told the Kyle and Jackie O Show Panangian doesn't want to move to Australia, while she is "not ready" to return to Bali.

"He doesn't want to move here, he loves his life, he's really busy. I'm allowed (to go back), I'm not black-listed, but I'm not ready," she said. "I don't want to be looking over my shoulder, I want to enjoy myself and just live."