Council boosts green futures with more solar investments

FOUR new solar installations will soon be constructed in the Somerset region, as the council continues to push towards a more eco-friendly future.

The plan involves installing 30kW systems at the Lowood Library and Somerset Civic Centre.

In addition, there will be a 40kW system installed at the Kilcoy Showgrounds, and a 60kW system added to the Fernvale Indoor sports Centre.

The proposal attracted significant interest when it was first announced in August, with more than eighty suppliers downloading the tender documents.

Ultimately, only sixteen tenders were received, with the suppliers ranging from smaller firms, to major companies.

The successful applicant was Fernvale-based company LV Electrical Contracting.

The company previously engaged with the Council on other solar projects, including at the Esk Administration Centre in 2018, and the Kilcoy Works Depot earlier this year.

The four new installations are planned for 2019 and 2020, but exact dates and costings have yet to be revealed.

Somerset Council funded the successful installation of five solar projects so far, with 13 currently planned in total.