A Gatton mum who ran out of Kmart after her young child had “forgotten to pay” for almost $500 worth of items. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Flavio Brancaleone
A Gatton mum who ran out of Kmart after her young child had “forgotten to pay” for almost $500 worth of items. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Flavio Brancaleone

COURT: Mum chased kid, ‘forgot’ to pay $450+ Kmart items

When Shonee Georgetown’s young child ran out of Kmart, she took off after him with a full trolley of items.

But the Gatton woman claimed she “forgot” to return to the store and pay, according to her solicitor Kevin Rose.

Georgetown, 39, appeared in the Gatton Magistrates Court on February 1, where she was charged with one count of stealing and one count of possessing a pipe.

Police prosecutor sergeant Al Windsor told the court that Georgetown had been shopping at Kmart Chermside and had $486.25 of children’s’ toys and clothing in her trolley.

He said the store manager complained to police about an incident at the store at 2.45pm on December 18.

CCTV footage showed Georgetown placing items in her trolley and slowly making her way towards the front of the store where she exited without paying.

“Security guards stopped her outside the store, and she has accompanied them back inside and all the items were recovered,” sergeant Windsor said.

Georgetown, a mother of three, told the court through her solicitor that she didn’t wish to contest the charge.

Mr Rose said his client’s son had run out of the store, and she had chased after him.

“Once she got outside, she forgot to go back inside, so she doesn’t have a defence,” Mr Rose said.

“She’s virtually forgot so she wasn’t going to be going back to pay for it.”

Magistrate Damien Carroll said for a lady who had a “significant criminal history” she had no stealing offences.

Georgetown also appeared for one charge of possessing a bong, dated November 25.

The court heard when police visited her home to execute a search warrant, she was seen to act “somewhat fervently” in the bedroom.

Police found a water pipe tucked under a bed sheet.

“She confirmed she hid it under the sheet because of what it was,” sergeant Windsor said.

“She hadn’t personally used it but was familiar with what it was … she was aware it had been previously used for smoking cannabis.”

Mr Rose said his client doesn’t use drugs, but admitted it was in her possession.

Georgetown pleaded guilty to the two charges.

“The most serious is the stealing, and it’s a borderline case,” Mr Carroll said when delivering his verdict.

“It’s not a lot of criminality. But for a lady that’s got a three-and-a-half-page criminal history, there’s no stealing.”

Georgetown was fined $250 for possessing drug utensils, and another $350 for her stealing offence.

She was given six months to pay the fine, or she would complete 30 hours of community service.

Convictions were recorded.