SLAUGHTERED: Blair Causton looks over the grim scene at his Thangool property.
SLAUGHTERED: Blair Causton looks over the grim scene at his Thangool property. Contributed

Goat beheaded in bizarre attack

BLAIR Causton still has trouble believing what happened on his Central Queensland property last week.

With his family in the process of relocating to Blackwater, he had arranged a mate to water and check on four boer goats they had been raising on the property at Thangool for the past year.

He never expected the news he received.

Some time between 3.30pm on Thursday, January 19, and noon the next day, someone entered the property and killed the goats by stabbing them in the neck.

One of the goats was decapitated and its head missing.

"(I've got) no idea who might have done it," Blair told the Central Telegraph.

"We don't have any enemies.

"Anyone I've upset in the past, they'll punch you in the mouth at the pub but they won't turn up and cut the head off your goat.

"If someone had gone in (because) they were hungry and they took them to eat them, well that's one thing... but just to kill them? It's a coward dog act."

Blair said he had knocked on the door of almost every house in Thangool to see if anyone saw or heard anything.

"The neighbours on the back street... heard a commotion up there around 5.30 in the arvo (Thursday). They looked up the paddock and saw a white figure going around the tank, (someone with) a white shirt on maybe, and heard an awful commotion.

"(Another neighbour) said the dogs were going ballistic up there and it's normally pretty quiet.

"Whoever did it knew how to handle a knife pretty well - they all had the same puncture wound in the throat and there was minimal blood on the ground."

Blair said his children had grown up on a farm and were "pretty resilient" to seeing animals slaughtered, but the inexplicable nature of what happened had left them with questions.

"They kept asking, 'Why would someone do that dad?' And I don't really have an answer.

"I've just got to tell them that's what the police are here for - to find out."

Biloela police said they were investigating and asked anyone with information to phone the station on 4992 2333 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.