The latest details for the Inland Rail, Gowrie to Calvert (supplied image).
The latest details for the Inland Rail, Gowrie to Calvert (supplied image).

DETAILS: Inland Rail and it will affect Lockyer Valley

INLAND Rail continues full steam ahead, with project managers identifying where two waiting loops would be between Gowrie and Helidon.

At a community consultation meeting in Murphys Creek, rail experts detailed the current status of the project, and outlined the Parkes to Narromine construction.

Experts also discussed how the project would impact Forest Hill, and how a passenger rail service could be incorporated in the plans.

Here's what we know about the project updates:



A pedestrian survey, which started in 2019 is continuing, and is assessing European and historical cultural heritage in the Lockyer Valley.

State heritage locations with in the study area have been identified, including the Boer War memorial at Forest Hill, the UQ Gatton Campus, and pubs at Forest Hill.

An additional 20 local heritage places have also been located



The Parkes to Narromine construction, which was called a "baby" part of the Inland Rail project in comparison to the Lockyer Valley is complete.

The project included 98.4km of existing track to be upgraded and 5.3km of new track to be built

A total of 80 landholders directly impacted, also runs through the township of Peak Hill.

9691 tonnes of rail was used for the construction

Each day, 500 staff worked on the project during peak times



The Inland Rail team are continuing to assess how long it will take one train to travel the length of the Lockyer Valley corridor.

Max Nichols, senior project manager for the Gowrie to Helidon section, said determining travel times was the biggest challenge for the freight company.

"We have quite complex operational models that calculate the performance of trains, how much they can go up hill, how much weight they are pulling - all that calculates run times," he said.

"And based on that average speed we will say how far the crossing loops are."

Mr Nichols said there would be two waiting loops between Gowrie and Helidon, the first prior to the tunnel on Toowoomba side, and the second near Murphys Creek.

He said trains could be idling for 15 minutes up to an hour, depending on train movements throughout the day.



A total of 70-80% of goods moved from east coast to west coast is moved by rail

Since December 2018, a total of 1862 people have worked on the project