Disabled driver hangs on for runaway 200kmh ride

WHEN disabled French driver Frank Lecerf got into his specially modified car to go shopping, he could never have dreamt where it would take him.

The 36-year-old was trapped in his vehicle travelling at 200kmh on a forced journey of almost 250km.

His car had a jammed accelerator and no brakes.

His Renault Laguna developed a fault close to his home near Amiens in northern France and started to accelerate.

As he called for help, he swerved his car in and out of traffic and through three toll booths.

Mr Lecerf was eventually joined by a "safety convoy" of high-speed police cars, which sped across northern Europe, crossing the border into Belgium.

It stopped when the car ran out of petrol and Mr Lecerf steered it into a ditch. He was shaken but uninjured.