A Casino man pleaded guilty to high range drink driving.
A Casino man pleaded guilty to high range drink driving.

'I've lost everything': Sawmill worker's tough lesson

WALKING into Casino Local Court wearing a neck brace, it could be said Greg Mills has learned a valuable lesson on the impacts of drink driving.

Representing himself, the Casino man pleaded guilty on Thursday to a high range PCA.

Police had found Mills, 33, lying down in the drivers seat of his vehicle in the early hours of July 12, the court heard.

Mills had his foot on the accelerator and was pressing it half way down.

There were two unopened cans of alcohol beside him.

When police tested him, Mills recorded a 0.168 blood alcohol reading.

Mills told the court he realises now his actions were "stupid" and he could see just how damaging a drink driver can be after he himself was the victim of a drink driving incident.

The court heard a week after Mills lost his provisional licence, he suffered a fractured vertebra and was admitted to hospital for five days after allegedly being struck by a drink driver.

He hasn't been able to work at the Kyogle Sawmill as a result of his injuries and is reliant upon insurance money to cover his weekly costs.

"I've lost everything," Mills said.

Magistrate Kathy Crittenden said she could see Mills had learnt a valuable lesson.

"In an extraordinary turn of events, a very short term later you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident," Magistrate Crittenden said.

"From the bar table you say that you were involved (in an incident with) a drink driver and the injuries you have sustained are significant.

"You are currently unable to work … (and) clearly movement is difficult.

"No doubt the culmination of attending (the traffic offenders' program) … (and the) lesson of this experience a very clear one."

Mills was convicted and fined $900.

He was also disqualified from holding a driver's license for seven months and ordered to a mandatory interlock system for 24 months.