Drug dealer nabbed while breaching social distancing rules

A POTENTIAL breach of social distancing regulations ended with police busting a South Grafton ice dealer, a court has heard.

Amber Gull, 24, appeared in Grafton Local Court on Wednesday for sentencing after she pleaded guilty to a number of drug charges, including supply prohibited drug between a small and indictable quantity.

According to court documents, police were conducting patrols of South Grafton on the afternoon of April 2 when they noticed a Kia Sorento and a Ford Ranger parked at the end of Hay St, with two people sitting in the front seat of the Ranger.

The police facts state that due to the Public Health Orders during the coronavirus pandemic police approached to investigate any potential breaches of social distancing regulations.

Police spoke to Gull and her male friend about the Public Health Order and the acceptable reasons to be out in public. The pair told police they were there to "chill out" but acknowledged it was not a reasonable excuse under the Public Health Order.

Police searched the pair, and while nothing of interest was found on the male a glass pipe commonly used to smoke methylamphetamine was found on Gull.

Court documents say a search of the vehicle the pair were in didn't reveal anything but a search of the Sorento that belonged to Gull uncovered a small resealable bag containing a crystal substance.

Police cautioned Gull, who said she had no knowledge of the bag in her vehicle, though said she was the only one who drove it.

Gull then consented to a strip search, and was seen by police to remove a small black bag from her waist area and throw it under the Ranger.

After the search the male was allowed to leave, and when the Ranger was moved police found and retrieved the bag Gull had attempted to throw away which contained six more clear resealable bags containing methylamphetamine and a large amount of empty resealable bags.

Gull was placed under arrest and taken to Grafton Police Station, where her mobile phone was examined and found to have had a large amount of text messages indicative of drug supply. Gull admitted to having six bags of methylamphetamine, with a total weight of 4.2g, for purpose of selling the drugs.

The court documents state that the following month Gull attended Grafton Police Station on May 28 as per her bail conditions and was placed under arrest for breaching her bail conditions. Police searched her mobile phone which revealed messages that indicated Gull was involved in further drug activity in the Grafton area.

Magistrate Kathy Crittenden sentenced Gull to an eight-month intensive corrections order, with 100 hours community service.