Senior Constable Matt Reichstein takes aim at speeding drivers
Senior Constable Matt Reichstein takes aim at speeding drivers Nathan Greaves

Early start for road safety week

Police will be out in force for Road Safety Week.

The yearly initiative officially runs from August 26 - 30, but the Gatton Police are building momentum with an early start this weekend.

More police will be on the road during this time, targeting the fatal five: speeding, driver distraction, drink and drug driving, fatigue, and people not wearing seatbelts.

"Police are going to be on the roads, and are going to be enforcing the road rules,” Acting Senior Sergeant Dan Curtin said.

"We're going to be mobile, we're going to be static, there's a lot of resources that are going to be rostered into road safety for that week.”

The goal isn't simply to raise revenue or catch people out, but to actively prevent accidents, and raise awareness about road safety.

Sgt Curtin said officers would also be out in public chatting with people on the street, and visiting local community centres and schools to spread the message.

"We've got some planned events with the schools, and a number of community interactions with motorists, major service stations, and caravan parks,” he said.

"We're also looking to try to educate motorists, and spread awareness.”

Sgt Curtin's general message was that drivers should always exercise common sense when behind the wheel, not just during police crackdowns.

"Slow down, wear your seatbelt, and just plan your trip,” he said.