Annastacia Palaszczuk
Annastacia Palaszczuk

Education Minister: ‘Of course schoolies will be cancelled’

Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace says schoolies could be cancelled this year.

Speaking to Stav, Abby and Matt on HIT105 on Tuesday morning, Ms Grace said the traditional end of year celebration for graduating high school seniors would not go ahead if the current COVID-19 crisis continues.

"I don't even think that that's (sic) an if, I think that it's a definite if we're still …," Ms Grace said in response to presenter Matty Acton's suggestion schoolies might be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I know, my daughter, she would have been very upset if I'd said that at the time that she was graduating from year 12 but, look, I think if things continue the way that they are, depending on where we're at, of course schoolies will be cancelled."




But Ms Grace said the state government would be "guided by health advice" on the decision.

"But we're talking later on in the year yet, I don't know where we're going to be," she said. She said the approach was to take everything day by day.

"I'm not confirming it's off and I'm not confirming that it's on, it's far too early to call," Ms Grace told HIT105.

"It's a pandemic that we've never experienced … so it's something that you have to take day by day and make those assessments closer to the time".


Education Minister Grace Grace. Picture: AAP/Steve Pohlner
Education Minister Grace Grace. Picture: AAP/Steve Pohlner



The minister also cleared the air on term two schooling confusion, who can send their children to school and how the term will play-out.

"Schools are open for children of essential workers only, that means that if you're required in your workplace for essential business then you can send your children to school," Ms Grace said.

"They will be open for those workers who do not have the ability to supervise their children at home and no other arrangements can be made".

Children of non-essential workers will be learning from home for the first half of term two, until May 22 as plans for the latter half of the term are yet to be decided.

"All other children will be learning from home for the first five weeks, we'll reassess that around the 15th of May to see how it's going and what we're going to do for the second part of the term" Ms Grace said.

On a brighter note, the education minister said it's a "guarantee" there will be no Year 13 for Queensland students.

"That's a guarantee; we're doing all we possibly can to make sure that we deliver quality curriculum to our year 12's," Ms Grace said.

"I feel for them, actually, it's the first year of ATAR and the poor things are gonna have it tough enough with a whole new system and here we're now hit with COVID-19".

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