Valerie Davis with her husband of nearly 60 years, Lindsay Davis.
Valerie Davis with her husband of nearly 60 years, Lindsay Davis.

Elderly singer moves from paddock to choir

IF she hadn’t been so shy, Valerie Davis might have been a famous singer.

Instead, she sang to the cows in the paddock as she milked them.

Growing up in Chinchilla, Val would sing in her church’s choir and recalls loving it.

“I used to be asked to do solos,” Val said.

Her family moved and singing at church was no longer on the cards but Val still sang to herself and the animals on the farm, while she lived on her 5-acre property in Helidon.

“There was money to be made and I was busy sending three kids of to school,” she said.

Now in her late 70s, Val said the opportunity to take her singing further never came along.

Nonetheless, she can safely say she has no regrets about it.

“I am too shy for that,” she said.

She said the types of songs she usually sang were ones from church but that she liked Guy Mitchell – but Elvis not so much.

“I wouldn’t be able to name any of (Guy Mitchell’s) songs anymore,” she said.

“Elvis, no – I didn’t like his hoppie-hop dancing.”

After moving to Laidley’s Tabeel Aged Care Facility two months ago, Valerie had the opportunity to sing in a group again for the first time in decades.

“I sang with the choir here yesterday for an hour or so – it was good,” she said.

Describing herself as “mostly a loner”, Val estimated she has read more than 100 Danielle Steel books in her lifetime – as well as many others.

Though she loved spending time on her own, Val was always up for a game with her husband Lindsay.

“We would play bingo, bobs and bowls,” she said.

The duo met as teens while attending church, which was about halfway between their two towns – Hopeland and Chinchilla.

They bought a property in Helidon after living south of Brisbane, and grew peas for fun.

When they realised the property wasn’t big enough to grow on a commercial scale, they found work on neighbouring farms and rented their paddock to their neighbour, who grew lettuce.

Now living separately, Val and Lindsay see each other nearly each day.