Election tactics get dirty as fake poll dished out

A FAKE poll being circulated around Toowoomba has revealed individuals or organisations are willing to resort to all types of dirty tactics ahead of Saturday's state election.

The fake Reachtel poll sent to APN Newsdesk on Thursday attempted to show LNP Member for Toowoomba North, Trevor Watts, would be looking for a new job after the votes were counted this weekend.

The fraudulent poll showed Mr Watts was trailing former Bligh Labor Government MP Kerry Shine on a two-party preferred basis 56% to 44%.

The poll, set out on ReachTel letterhead, claimed 1014 voters across 10 suburbs in the North Toowoomba electorate were contacted on January 22 to participate in the survey.

APN Newsdesk contacted ReachTel on Thursday to verify the polling but was told it was a fake and they had not conducted polling in that electorate.

Mr Watts, who holds a 9.58% margin, said irrespective of the fake poll he always knew this election was going to be close.

He said only the LNP had a plan for Toowoomba and Queensland's future.

"Labor has presented no plan for the economy and no plan to pay for the schools, roads and hospitals that regional Queensland needs," Mr Watts said.

"It shows again the very real danger of a hung parliament in Queensland, where a mishmash of Labor, minor parties and independents could bring decision making on important issues to a grinding halt."

Mr Shine said it was disappointing this sort of tactic had reared its head in Toowoomba.

He said in his experience people generally did not vote according to the latest poll anyway.

"I am bewildered by their motivation," Mr Shine said.

"At the end of the day people will vote how they want."

The fake poll attempted to portray Mr Watts's biggest support base was men aged between 51 and 61 years.