MUSHROOM MAGIC: A workshop will teach attendees how to grow their own mushrooms.
MUSHROOM MAGIC: A workshop will teach attendees how to grow their own mushrooms. Contributed

Ever wanted to grow your own mushrooms?

IF YOU'RE already growing your own vegetables and mastered the delicate balance between enough water and sun for basil, maybe your next growing challenge is to produce your own mushrooms.

Hosted by Savour Soil Permaculture, a mushroom cultivation workshop is set to introduce curious minds to the process of growing mushrooms from home.

Savour Soil principal Michael Wardle said the workshop would involve a combination of theory and hands-on.

"It's about teaching people how they can do it themselves and, at the end of the day, they get to take home some goodies themselves,” Mr Wardle said.

"When we get to the theory, it's about the dos and do nots because, if you're not careful, and the wrong strain infects what you're doing... As Terry Pratchet said, all mushrooms are edible but some only once.”

Introducing students to growing mushrooms such as the oyster variety, the workshop will kickstart attendees' crops during the day.

"They can take it home so when it starts to bear fruit they can enjoy it at home,” he said.

Mr Wardle said his favourite type of mushroom was portobello, when he could 'get it to grow'.

He said oyster was one of the easiest to grow.

"There are lots of different varieties of oysters and you can grow them any time of year,” he said.

"You can eat them uncooked, you can eat them cooked. There is no particular limit to what you can do with them and they're relatively easy to grow.”

The event will be held following the success of the first mushroom cultivation workshop in Laidley earlier this year, which sold out.

"From start to finish, everyone was really engaged and there was lots of laughter and lots of participation,” Mr Wardle said.

"Everyone got to take a couple of different strands of things they could use at home.”

With limited tickets available, the workshop will take place on Sunday, June 28, from 9am in Laidley. For more information, visit the Savour Soil Permaculture Facebook page or website at