WELCOME: Luke Spilsbury is sworn in as pastor at Faith Lutheran College.
WELCOME: Luke Spilsbury is sworn in as pastor at Faith Lutheran College. Joanne Vivian

Faith finds new Pastor

Faith Lutheran College's newest staff member is ready and eager to help students through the trials and tribulations of school life.

On Wednesday, July 17, the school officially appointed its new minister, Pastor Luke Spilsbury.

Pastor Luke has been an ordained minister with Lutheran Church Australia for eleven years, and is currently broadening his skillset by undertaking a degree in counselling.

"Being a student myself helps me relate to the students, and the stresses and pressures of life," he said.

Luke has worked with four other schools in the past, among other roles, but this is his first time being a full-time minister for a school.

"There 700-plus students here now, so that's a bigger challenge for me, because the previous schools weren't as big."

Though he hasn't been at the school for very long, the community has quickly grown on him.

"I absolutely love this school, there's just a wonderful feel about the college," he said.

Luke said the main responsibility of his role is to provide spiritual and pastoral care to the students, staff, and families, by making himself available to hear their stories and struggles.

"To be a good listener is so valuable in my role, because everyone has a story to tell, everyone is struggling in one way or another," he said.

"Storytelling is so important to us as humans, especially to healing. There's something very cathartic about having someone listen to the struggles you're facing."

Although he is new to the Lockyer Valley, Luke has relatives in the area, and previously worked in other areas in QLD, so it hasn't taken him long to embrace the Lockyer Valley lifestyle.

"The Lockyer Valley has its own beauty and charm, it's just wonderful."