Courtney Ann Hanson hit staff in the face at the Sneaky Baron.
Courtney Ann Hanson hit staff in the face at the Sneaky Baron.

FIFO worker’s career concerns after hitting bar staff

A fly-in, fly-out miner is embarrassed by her "aggressive" outburst at a popular Coast bar where she hit staff in the face and shattered crockery.

Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard Courtney Ann Hanson, 31, was a regular at the Sneaky Baron before her drunken rampage on March 14.

Police prosecutor Lee Allan said police were called to the Maroochydore bar about 1am to find Hanson clearly intoxicated and in "an aggressive and highly agitated state".

They questioned two staff members who had received injuries to their faces.

"They stated they were cleaning up after closing when the defendant has entered the unsecured kitchen area, yelling at them 'Where is my girlfriend?'," Senior Constable Allan said.

"The witnesses had asked her to leave and tried to get her out of the kitchen but she was so unsteady on her feet that she pulled over a cupboard of crockery, causing it all to smash.

"The defendant has started to fight with the witnesses and this has spilt out onto the street where witnesses stated the defendant had hit them in the face and chest several times."

Sen Constable Allan said the male staff members used their arms to shield their faces as they were hit.

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He said they didn't wish to pursue assault charges against Hanson, from Maroochydore, who had previous offences of violence on her history.

Hanson on Monday pleaded guilty to one charge of committing public nuisance within a licensed premises.

Duty lawyer Mark Dixon said while Hanson's criminal history was "unflattering" the most recent offence was back in 2014.

"My client is, or was, quite a regular at the Sneaky Baron establishment," he said.

"She has been back and apologised and subsequently paid $220 towards the damage that she had caused.

"She is extremely embarrassed by her actions and instructs she has very limited memory of what actually happened on the date that it all occurred."

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Mr Dixon said Hanson was concerned about a conviction being recorded and hindering opportunities in her career in the mines.

"She is currently studying to be an open-cut examiner and if she succeeds in that study she will be one of the first female open-cut examiners, as I understand, in the country," Mr Dixon said.

"That position effectively allows her to manage and ensure that a site is running in accordance with legislation.

"Pivotal to her being able to obtain that position is whether she has criminal convictions recorded against her.

"She is in a position where one night of very stupid behaviour has put her in a place where it may undo months and months of hard work."

Magistrate Rod Madsen asked whether Hanson had done anything about an "obvious problem" with alcohol.

Mr Dixon replied that she rarely drank, but drank heavily on occasion.

"To me, that's still an issue," Mr Madsen said.

He gave Hanson a $1500 good behaviour bond for three years.

No conviction was recorded.