Fireys battle out-of-control Lockyer Valley bushfire

FIREFIGHTERS and aircraft crews are assisting residents to protect their homes at Thornton in the Lockyer Valley.

West Moreton Chief Fire Warden and Area Director Paul Storrs said 19 crews along with water bombing aircraft were battling the fire.

The fire is a continuation of the Glen Rock National Park blaze which started in September from a lightning strike.

“We are unable to put the fire out until we get rain because of the terrain,” Mr Storrs said.

“Weather conditions today make it difficult for suppression. We have crews assisting residents working on the bush fire.”

Earlier today, the fire split in two, with one heading in a southerly direction towards Lefthand Branch rd, Lefthand Branch.

The second fire is heading in a north-north easterly direction towards Main Camp Creek rd, Thornton.

Mr Storrs said people needed to listen to firefighters and police and activate their survival plans.