Behind the scenes plan for Gladstone's fourth LNG plant

BECHTEL is all but done on Curtis Island with the second train at Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas coming online. Arrow Energy has been mothballed because its owners bought into QCLNG but there are still plans for one more LNG plant.

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There is still work going on behind the scene with Liquefied Natural Gas Limited on the proposed Fisherman's Landing LNG plant.

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An Artists' impression of the Fisherman's Landing LNG project.
An Artists' impression of the Fisherman's Landing LNG project. Contributed by LNG Ltd.

In a report released on September 30 chairman Richard Beresford confirmed Gladstone Ports Corporation had extended the term of site aggrandisement for the lease of the land.

This extended site agreement has been drawn out until March 31, 2017.

"These developments are processing recognition of the company as a leader in low-cost, efficient, and reliable LNG liquefaction terminals to serve the international energy market's demand," he wrote.

The report goes on to say LNGL has signed a "non-binding" memorandum of intent for a gas sales agreement with Tri-Star Petroleum Company. "Under the MOI, it is proposed that Tri-Star and LNGL will work together with a selected LNG buyer.