Five signs your dog could be suffering from arthritis

ARTHRITIS is a painful condition that affects around one in five Australian dogs.

It is most common in older dogs of medium or large breeds, but can affect dogs of any age, size and breed.

People are often unaware of the signs of joint pain and think their pet is just getting old.

Here are some common symptoms and the simple things owners can do to make their beloved canine companions feel more comfortable.

Five signs of joint pain

  1. Difficulty moving - hesitant to jump, run or climb stairs
  2. Stiffness or discomfort when getting up from lying down
  3. Limping or lagging behind on walks
  4. Experiencing pain when being touched in certain areas
  5. Licking or chewing at the joints

Tips to help relieve joint pain in dogs

  1. Moderate your pet's exercise. Regular exercise is still important for muscle tone and joint flexibility. Offer daily, low impact exercise like gentle walks and swimming.
  2. Weight loss. Being overweight can exacerbate arthritis by putting extra pressure on the joints. Talk to your veterinarian about a weight loss plan for your dog.
  3. Pamper them. Dogs with joint pain may benefit from regular massages and acupuncture.
  4. Home improvements. Provide an elevated bed away from drafts and add extra blankets in winter.
  5. Discuss treatment options with your veterinarian. Natural supplements containing rose hip and vitamin C can be helpful.