A former teacher has been charged with drink driving (file image).
A former teacher has been charged with drink driving (file image).

Former teacher told police to 'shoot him'

A FORMER Queensland teacher who was arrested for drink driving told police to shoot him while in custody.

Peter Michelmore of Laidley appeared in the Gatton Court on Monday after being charged with three offences including obstructing police and driving under the influence of alcohol last month.

The court heard the former teacher had left the education sector after 31 years due to health reasons and on September 4 was intercepted by police driving out of Plainland McDonald's.

A breath test revealed Michelmore had a blood alcohol reading of .162 - over three times the legal limit.

His lawyer told the court Michelmore had been suffering from depression as a result of his recent divorce and subsequent restricted access to his children.

Michelmore made threats of self-harm and asked officers to shoot him.

Acting magistrate Lisa O'Neill took into consideration his previous good behaviour and longstanding career as a teacher, describing the incident as out of character.

Michelmore was charged $1050 and disqualified from driving for six months and his other charges were cleared.

Convictions were not recorded.